We Are

Laurian Outdoors has been custom designing, installing and servicing residential and commercial properties throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond since 1986. Meeting customer expectations with thoroughness and reliability has been the foundation of Laurian Outdoors since day one. We provide full service and place first priority on our existing customers. We also have a commitment to educating ourselves, so as to continue to provide our customers with the best possible service.

In 2019 Laurian Outdoors was sold and is currently owned and operated by Brian Cross. Brian has a B.S. in landscape horticulture from Colorado State University. With a background in the golf course industry, Brian not only brings his expertise in irrigation to the company but also a very strong agronomic background with a vast knowledge of a wide variety of plants and growing conditions. With this background he is capable of providing customers with great insight as to their current growing conditions and make recommendations as to ways of improving upon a property and the general health of plant materials.